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We at Bargain Business Plan have worked directly with thousands of entrepreneurs and business owners like you to develop and execute strategic business plans.

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Your business plan is the foundation of your business.

As you put your idea into action, we can craft a professional startup business plan that outlines the roadmap to launch and manage your business. Our approach is simple: we get to know our clients so we can develop a custom business plan to fit your needs and goals.

Our Professional Startup Business Plans

As you start a new business or expand your business to new markets, our team of professional business plan writers and consultants can ensure your success.

How a Startup Business Plan Can Help You

Starting and managing a successful business can be a challenge, but we can help you turn a dream into reality. As you work to get your business off the ground, a business plan guides you toward growth. It’s one of the best ways to think through key parts of a business. Startup business plans can help get funding or bring in new business partners as you convince people or financial institutions to invest in you and work with you. As the number 1 rated business plan experts by startup business owners, our team can help you start this process.

Bargain Business Plan creates a comprehensive business plan to get the funding you need to implement your dream and launch your startup. We work with you to understand your business, goals, and needs, and then craft a plan to help you accomplish them. Each customized business plan assists small business owners just like you get started.

By working with Bargain Business Plan, you’ll have a document you can use to answer bank and investor questions as you secure funding. And better yet, your plan will be in compliance with U.S. Small Business Administration business plan guidelines.

What is a Business Plan?

While there is no right way to build a business, there are elements that can help form a strong foundation — and our experts can help guide you in the right direction with your business plan. If you don’t know exactly what should be in your plan, we can help! Our experts have helped thousands of people just like you prepare a business plan to start working toward their dreams.

Your business plan identifies your target market, breaks down your financial model and shows potential growth opportunities. A business plan outlines the organization and management of the business and sales or marketing strategies you’ll implement. You can list your immediate and long-term goals and forecasts, as well as any requirements you have.

It will truly lay out your plan to start or expand your business. The length of a plan depends on your specific business but generally are several pages in length.

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If you have an idea for a business that you are getting ready to launch, start with a business plan to put your thoughts on paper, organize your ideas and get ready to make it a success. But you don’t have to do it alone.

Bargain Business Plan has a proven track record of assisting thousands of startup businesses across the U.S. to obtain funding to get their businesses off the ground. Our custom business plans can assist you with a professionally prepared, SBA-compliant startup business plan, including all the research and analysis banks and investors require. In fact, Bargain Business Plan works with many financial institutions as well as nonprofit organizations throughout the country to ensure business plans are up to date and meet the requirements of these institutions and the Small Business Administration.

By working with Bargain Business Plan, you will receive a professionally prepared business plan with a Money Back Guarantee. Contact us today for a free consultation to see how our startup business plan services can benefit you.

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Our Business Plan Packages meet the needs of most businesses including: Startups, Early Stage Ventures, Nonprofits, & Franchises.
We also offer custom quotes for those who need additional services.


SBA 7(a) Loans, Micro Loans, Lean Startups & Landlords


SBA 7(a) & 504 Loans, Nonprofits, Franchises & Investors


Strategic Business Plan for VC & Angel Investors


What to Expect

Services Included In Every Plan We Prepare


During the development of your business plan, we assign one of our MBA writers to work with you 1-on-1 to discuss and implement your ideas. The writer will also provide..


Market Research is essential in a business plan. We have partnered with the most reputable market research firms in the country to make sure the research contains real-time data that..


Industry analysis includes a thorough investigation of your sector to determine any trends or patterns in your industry. With our partnerships with the best market research firms available, we are..


Our team will develop a strategic marketing plan through research and exploration to illustrate new opportunities to reach your target market and outshine your competitors.


Whether you are an established business or a startup, ensuring you have a well developed financial model and projections in place are essential when presenting the business plan.


Once the plan is finalized, our professional graphic designers will provide a stunning finished product of the plan for you to distribute to lenders and investors.

Discover Our Process

Since 2008, we have perfected the process of creating a quality business plan. The following process has resulted in our client’s spending 60% less time reviewing their plans and instead able to invest this time into their actual business.

Initial Consultation

Discuss your overall goals with our Consultant. Complete the questionnaire and initial payment to get started.


Work directly with one of our MBA Business Plan Writers to discuss and develop your business plan.

Draft/Revision Period

Once you receive the draft you will have the opportunity to provide feedback to our team to finalize the business plan.

Design & Delivery

Once the plan is finalized, our graphic design team will design, print (optional) and ship the plan for you to distribute.

What Our Customers Have to Say

#1 Business Plan Company

Our approach is simple. We take the time to get to know our clients, so that we can effectively develop a custom business plan which will meet your needs. Whether you’re in the conception stage of your business or expanding your brand to a new market, our team of business plan writers and consultants will work to ensure you’re in position to succeed.

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