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Making Your Business Go Green

In this era, one of the most important aspects not only the general population can have, but most importantly businesses can have is a healthy affect on our planet and climate. Striving to help your business go green is one of social and environmental responsibility. It may also soon be a requirement as consumers become more “spend conscious”–wanting only to buy products and services from businesses who do their part in protecting the planet.

Here are a few ways to help your business go green but first let’s talk about why it’s important to do so.

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Going green is a social responsibility. Green policies are trending theme at the moment because potential customers positively respond to environment-friendly companies.

You can consider “Five R’s” of going green for your company: ReduceReuseRecycleRepair and Rethink. Many big companies like Wal-Mart have incorporated the green policies and observed the high returns on investment.

Sustainability & Stability

The large value of going green is to maintain the healthier environment at the workplace. Sustainable methods preserve natural resources as they provide alternatives methods of conventional energy.

Your company can make the following adjustments toward sustainability and to help your business go green:

  • In offices, most of the power supply is consumed by the plugged in and standby machines. You can use a system like Surveyor to powers down such machines.
  • Use motion-activated light switches. 
  • Use compact fluorescent bulbs. Their power consumption is 70% less than traditional electric bulbs.

Eco-Friendly & Zero-Waste Work Atmosphere

Green products contain less harmful chemicals thus provide green options to promote a healthier workplace. Green Business Bureau reports, “Companies that adopt eco-friendly practices find 20% decrease in sick leave applications”. As a result, your company can improve employees‘ productivity.

You can adopt green policy guideline at your workplace by following very simple steps:

  • To save your company’s resources through digitalizing like sharing meeting agendas through emails
  • To stock reusable pens. They are inexpensive and nice to use.
  • To use GreenPrint software that identifies the areas of waste printing and issues alter to users to eliminate it.

Legal and Tax Advantage

Every state has its emission allowance policy. Therefore, many companies are now incorporating green technologies. The installation cost of a solar system is high but a company can reap long-term savings.

Many states offer tax credits to help the companies in going green. The federal government is also providing up to 30% of tax credits for using the renewable energy resources.

In Florida, companies are exempted from sales tax for using renewable energy like solar systems. Eco-friendly policies reduce unnecessary use of resources and promote the corporate responsibilities of the company for the society.

Helping your business go green will make an economical and environmental impact on your community and the world around you.

Vanessa is a content manager for several business companies. Working as an amateur journalist during the day and a business content writer during night, she manages to stay afloat by keeping herself busy with research of new innovations taking the market by success.

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